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Marine Protection Systems

MPS represents innovative and effective products that protect marine vessels.

Our specialty corrosion protection products include the Electrolysis Blocker™, Maddox™ anodes and the unique Shaft Grounding Strap.

MPS also represents brands of products for the protection of engine and equipment from vibration, mooring and docking solutions and premium paint systems. Serving our customers through changes in economic, market and regulatory conditions has taught us one thing…customers are looking for reliability.


Electrolysis Blocker

The MPS Electrolysis Blocker™ is an Australian Standards approved galvanic isolator. It’s unique performance and features have been tested to the highest international marine standards. A galvanic isolator is designed to block corrosion causing current that travels between vessels at a marina using a common shore power connection.

Size Dimensions: W 5.5cm x H 10cm x L 13.5cm

  • ISO, AS/NZS & ABYC standards certified approved
  • 67A continuous current rating
  • 5000A fail safe rating
  • Compact for easy installation & inspection
  • Waterproof, solid state components – maintenance & service free
  • Proven high performance heat sink & ignition proof design
  • Blocks corrosion-causing DC currents from shore to ship
  • Maintains effective AC earth capability

Maddox Anode

Maddox anodes effectively protect bronze and stainless steel parts on fibreglass and wooden vessels by creating a more neutral environment in the water around the metal to be protected. Maddox is available in 3 sizes and will be soon also be available in disc and capsule shapes.

  • Complies with ABYC & DNV directives
  • Protects s/steel, bronze & copper – fibreglass & timber vessels
  • Stops woodrot & alki attack in timber vessels
  • Attracts significantly less growth than zinc anodes
  • Maintains hull & propeller coatings
  • Available in 3 sizes – 1.6kg, 2.4kg & 4.2kg

Shaft Grounding Strap

The Shaft Grounding Strap electrically connects a vessels drive shafts to the Vessel Bonding System and further reduces the incidence of galvanic corrosion on expensive metal drive parts.

  • Spring tension for easy installation & use
  • Increased connectivity from shaft to anode in a bonding system
  • Reduces the harmul galvanic currents passing through engine
  • Tinned copper braid strap & built in redundancy connection
  • Marine Grade 316-Stainless Steel pivot arm & mount
  • 11 positioning holes to suit most drive shafts

Cathodic Protection Test Kit

The MPS Cathodic Protec­tion Test Kit is easily used by vessel owners, Marine Electricians / Tradesmen or Mechanics alike to check a vessels potential for corrosion (cathodic performance). The CP 411 digital CP measuring device can provide the user with accurate mV potential readings for the submerged metal fittings and drive parts on their vessel. Users can then interpret the results to identify any corrective action. A comprehensive instruction booklet is provided with this kit.

  • Auto switch off
  • Protective hard case
  • Backlit LED screen
  • Silver / Silver-Chloride test electrode
  • 10m test lead with sensing probe
  • Waterproof light weight design

Fixed Reference Electrode

An easy to install and permanent corrosion monitoring electrode. Use in conjunction with a good quality brass through hull fitting (not included). This unit can be connected to any analog or digital corrosion monitoring display for convenient and on demand corrosion monitoring.

  • Long Life Silicon O Ring
  • High quality Ag/AgCl Fixed Reference Electrode

Portable Reference Electrode

Quickly and accurately check for signs of galvanic corrosion when used in conjunction with a quality digital multimeter. Designed to be used to identify the electrical potential generated by metals in water like drive shaft, eye brackets or through hull fittings. Using those results you can determine a vessels optimum level of cathodic protection.

  • Silver / Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) Reference Electrode
  • 12 metre lead
  • Used easily with digital mutlimeter or MPS Corrosion Test Kit
  • Secure wetting cap prevents oxidation

Vessel Bonding Earth Cable

n effective Vessel Bonding System relies on the quality of the bonding wire used. MPS recommend high grade, multi strand, tinned copper earth wire as the minimum standard. Larger diameter, multiple strand- tinned copper wire is more capable of carrying an extremely low voltage than a bare wire. Tinned copper is also much more resistant to corrosion than standard copper and will help maintain the integity of your bonding system and it’s connections. It is possible for a bonding earth wire to conduct higher voltages by either accidental connection or during fault conditions. Ensure that your bonding system is easily identifiable as an earth wire and properly insulated by only using green and yellow AS/NZS1125 approved wire.

  • AS/NZS1125 Approved (Ships Wiring Specific)
  • Full electroplated (tinned) copper
  • 100 meters per roll
  • Available in 6mm and 10mm
  • Heavy duty plastic dispenser drum
  • Safety green and yellow PVC insulation