No Compromise

Ultraline Flat Rope Reels

Key Benefits

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Supplied ready to be used
  • Simple installation and smooth operation
  • Smart and simple line storage
  • UV resistant and fast drying flat rope
  • Unwanted sea creatures cannot climb flat rope
  • Removable winch handle with standard winch handle profile
  • Constructed from 316 stainless steel




The Ultraline Flat Rope Reel is designed and manufactured in Europe as a solution for stern anchor lines, towlines or mooring lines and allows for storing a significant length of line in a compact space.

The reel housing is constructed from highly polished 316 stainless steel and is available in various UV resistant line lengths ranging from 80 – 265 feet (40m -80m).

Line deployment and retrieval is simple; simply let the line pay out as as needed and wind up when done. Not to be used as a load bearing device, the flat rope must be cleated off when anchored or towing. The line is self storing and non-fouling and the flat rope means no more uninvited sea creatures on board. The rope comes with a pre-fabricated, stitched eye at one end while the other is fastened to the spool. Also included is a multi functional winch handle and comprehensive mounting kit.

Supplied with a standard three year warranty, the Ultraline Flat Rope Reel is suitable for standard rail or bulkhead mount installations. The appearance is sleek, compact and an ideal solution for vessels using or requiring a stern anchor or tow rope line.


Provides guide for length of line deployed and assists the flat rope to dry quickly.

Housing bolts are also incorporated into the mounting system for rail and deck mounted installations.

Provides an indication of the length of rope deployed.

Made of durable polyester, the flat rope is UV resistant and has high breaking strength. The flat rope is easy to deploy, secures well to a cleat and is compact for storage.

Ensures correct entrance of flat rope into housing and dispenses excess water from rope as it passes through.

The multifunctional winch handle is slimline, strong and does not restrict deck space. It can be used as a tool on various deck hardware and contains a standard shaft profile.

Made from 316 stainless steel the reel housing is suitable for any environment.

The Ultraline Flat Rope Reel is manufactured with a standard winch handle profile so any winch handle can be used.

A standard three year warranty is supplied.

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